Uniting Humanity
Through the Scientific Discovery of the Human Soul
What does unite humanity mean?
Bring together all diversity to create harmony and peace
Organize & Act together coherently as One
How does the organization serve to unite humanity?
Projects & Efforts oriented towards uniting all people, cultures, traditions
To experience the One Source / Spirit of All diversity
Whats is the scientific discovery?
Repeatable process leading to the direct experience of the Truth
Understanding the causes of imbalance and conditions of balance
Step by step scientific process that stands on its own – free of blind faith or belief
How does the organization serve the purpose of the scientific discovery of the human soul? 
1) Establish the framework for group consciousness – collective consciousness of humanity
2) Project a Complete Vision of Peace
3) Celebrate diversity & the underlying universal spirit – everything is perfect manifestation and all situations in balance
4) Orientation towards a wholeness perspective / inner & outer worldview / framework for self mastery and Radiant Embodiment of Service – Purpose
5) Perfect the process of soul attunement